Compare King Coconut Water Vs Coconut water

Being the King of the coconut as the name implies. 😊😊

What is King Coconut ???King coconut is a sub class of coconut and unlike coconut this produce only use of consumption its tastier water. So it's the nature's miracle drink. Thus, it is more delicious with its sweet flavor and less in sugar compared to green coconut and coconut water.

King coconut is native to sri Lanka and it can grow freely without any human intervention.

Moreover, king coconut water consists of natural fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Also, it is more tasty due to the low calories with a high volume of potassium.

Mainly king coconut is used as a natural healthy drink unlike the green coconut . In addition to that, you can taste the flesh of the king coconut So without adding additional artificial ingredient we can consume the best.