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What is King Coconut?

The King Coconut, unlike the regular variety, is a sub species of coconut which is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. Even though the King Coconut is lesser known around the world, its popularity in Sri Lanka is at near superstar status due to it nutritional value and amazing healing properties. The humble King Coconut is the most popular thirst quencher in a country that has year-round hot and humid weather. You can barely go a few hundred meters without spotting a vendor on the side of the road with a several bunches of this rich orangey coconut. The liquid it contains is sweet, slightly salty and has an incredible cooling and invigorating effect on the human body. Drinking a Thambili on a hot day is an integral part of the local culture as eating rice and curry or drinking tea.

Sri Lankans consider the King Coconut tree to be a lucky if planted near their homes. Its revered status in Sri Lanka goes back in time to the 2nd century BC, when King Coconut water was used to prepare the plaster to build Ruwanwelisaya, the famous temple built by King Dutugemunu to commemorate the victory over the northern Chola invaders. The purity of the King Coconut is further highlighted by it being presented as an offering to the gods in many Buddhist and Hindu religious rituals. The coconut water has been compared to saline due to it miraculous healing properties and it’s used in many Aryuvedic preparations. In fact, during World War 2, Japanese doctors have been recorded to have used Thambili water as saline due to its sterile properties.

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Amazing King Coconut Facts

  • King Coconut water is 100% organic and all natural and contain no unhealthy side effects compared to other fruit juices and carbonated drinks.
  • Sri Lanka has the highest cultivation of King Coconut in the world per square kilometer.
  • King coconut can grow without human intervention and does not require the use of fertilizer or pesticides to ensure a yield of good quality coconuts.
  • Even though grown commercially inland, areas with a high content of salt in the soil with plenty of sunshine are the ideal conditions for the best tasting King Coconuts.
  • Once fully grown, after a period of 5 to 6 years, each tree will yield 150 – 200 coconuts every season.
  • Can be harvested after 8 months, but need to be hand picked during the harvesting process as they do not have a husk to protect it from damage unlike the regular coconut.
  • King Coconut is mainly used as a beverage while the regular Coconut is included in food in grated, milk and oil form and is an essential ingredient to almost every type of dish in Sri Lanka.

Know More Benifits of King Coconut Water

  • Naturally high in electrolytes
  • Hydration at it's best
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Contains antioxidents
  • Contains natural sugar and fewer calories
Why king coconut water over coconut water

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